Ep. 5: Emergency Audio – Kidnapped Serial Killer Shawn Grate

This Emergency Audio episode includes the audio from the 911 call made by an unnamed female kidnapping victim of Shawn Grate, who has since [been tied to as many as five homicides][11]. I drastically reduced the volume of the ear-shattering “beeeeeeps” authorities inserted to censor personal information and compressed the audio to remove clipping.

The transcript is included below.

Dispatcher: 911, What is the address to your emergency?

**Victim: (Inaudible)**

D: What is it?

**V: (Inaudible) Fourth Street laundry mat**

D: What’s your name? How do you spell your last name? Who abducted you?

**V: Shawn (Inaudible)**

D: You said John Green?

**V: Shawn Grates**

D: Where’s he at now?

**V: Asleep**

D: Where’s he sleeping at?

**V: In the bedroom**

D: In what bedroom?

**V: There’s two houses right by the laundry mat and it’s in one of those houses**

D: But you’re at the laundry mat?

**V: No, I’m in the bedroom with him**

D: What color is the house? If I’m looking at the laundry mat, which way is it?

**V: If you’re looking at the laundry mat it’s the one of the left of the two**

D: You don’t know what color the house is?

**V: No. I’m sorry.**

D: Does he have a car?

**V: (Inaudible)**

D: So you think it’s a yellow house?

**V: I think so**

D: It’s an apartment?

**V: No it’s a house**

D: Does he own the house?

**V: No he broke in**

D: Does anybody actually live there?

**V: No it’s been abandoned**

D: And his name is Shawn Grate?

**V: Yes**

D: Does he have a weapon?

**V: He’s got a Taser**

D: Where do you live? What does he look like? Is he a white man or black man? Is he 6’ or is he shorter than that? Do you know how much he weighs?

**V: Maybe 6’ probably 175**

D: Are you injured?

**V: A little**

D: What color is his hair?

**V: Brown**

D: Do you know what color his eyes are?

**V: No**

D: What is he wearing?

**V: Nothing right now**

D: OK stay on the phone with me. Stay on the line with me, OK? Is he still sleeping?

**V: Yes**

D: where did he take you from?

**V: My apartment, I mean I was walking with him**

D: You were walking with him?

**V: Mhmmm**

D: Where were you walking to?

**V: I’ve known him for like a month and a half**

D: Is there any way you can get out of the building?

**V: I don’t know without waking him and I’m scared**

D: Is there a bathroom in the house?

**V: His bedroom is closed and he made it so it would make noise**

D: If you told him you had to go to the bathroom he would do something to you?

**V: Yeah. Because he had me tied up**

D: Are you tied up now?

**V: Yeah but I kind of freed myself**

D: Is he in the same room as you?

**V: Yes**

D: Is it his phone you have?

**V: Yes. Are they on the way?**

D: OK. We have officers we’re sending

**V: Please send them now**

D: OK if you’re worried you don’t have to talk you can set the phone down OK? Are you upstairs or downstairs

**V: We’re downstairs. There’s a side door on the right of the left house and that’s where we enter. There’s a kitchen and right off is the bedroom**

D: Do you need an ambulance? Are you bleeding?

**V: Not anymore**

D: What were you bleeding from? You don’t have to talk if you don’t need to, OK? Do you know where he lives?

**V: No. Oh (expletive). Oh (expletive), I just woke him up.**

D: OK set the phone down.

_(Long silence after what sounds like a third voice)_

D: Are you still there?

**V: How much longer**

D: Do you hear any officers outside? They’re in the area

**V: Do you think they could come in the side door?**

D: Is there a padlock on the bedroom door or just a lock

**V: No I don’t even know if he locks it (inaudible)**

D: Can you see if you can get out?

**V: No I’m afraid of waking him (inaudible) I don’t even know if it’s open**

D: Is there a window around there you can look out?

**V: Yeah but the floor squeaks and it’s right by his head**

D: Are you laying down?

**V: No I’m standing right by the bedroom door**

D: And you can’t open it? Can you open it?

**V: I’m standing without making noise**

D: Is the door to the house open?

**V: I don’t know, probably. I don’t think he has a key. He broke in I’m pretty sure. The curtains are all shut**

D: What’s that? What’s that noise?

**V: I don’t hear anything**

D: Do you think you can get out? If you think you can get out, you need to get out

**V: Not unless they are right here. He can catch me and he’s strong**

D: She’s on the first floor. Are you the one closest to the laundromat or the other one?

**V: If you’re standing at the laundromat looking at the houses it’s the one on the left. Side door. Side door**

D: OK can you hear them?

**V: Yes**

_(More voices)_

D: Are you out of the bedroom?

**V: Yes.**

D: The door doesn’t have a doorknob? Can you see them?

**V: Push the door**

D: She said push the door there’s no doorknob there. Can you get out of the bedroom?

**V: (Inaudible)**

D: Can you hear anybody right now?

**V: I heard the side door open. I’m out of the bedroom**

D: Can you get to the door where you can see out? Can you get out of the house? Are you at the door?

**V: Yes**

D: She’s at the door. Is there a window there?

**V: Yes. Come back, come back. Hurry, hurry! They can see me if they come to it.**

D: The door is locked she can’t get out

_(Heavy breathing)_

D: Can you unlock the door at all?

Officer: Get out, get out here. Where is he?

**V: Bedroom sleeping**

D: OK they have here

O: Unarmed? You need to go over here


O: Show me your hands


O: Where are you? Come on out here. You can’t be in there. Here cover yourself up. Tell me what happened. What happened?


## Outro

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