Ep. 4 – Victoria Martens, Jessica Runions, Chris Zahl


This one is later than I hoped, but by the time it comes out on Monday everyone will have seen the first episode of the new Jon-Benet docuseries.


iTunes reviews are important because they can bring new listeners to a show. I had two AWESOME reviews recently and I want to read both of them.

Five stars, by Cookie121955

New but you’re off to an awesome start!

One star, by jkl5876

Needs improvement: I listen to all the true crime podcasts I find, and was excited to see this new one. After listening to it , I was disappointed. The narrator talks in a monotone voice with no emotion. He tells only snippets of stories and doesnt make the stories of interest at all. It may help if you only do one case per show , have more detail about the victim, the trial , etc. Maybe if you had 2 hosts on the show , you could discuss it and it’s sound more interesting. Sorry for the low review. I’ll try it again sometime to see if it improves. Best wishes.


News is going to be an update on two or three recent cases.

Victoria Martens

Video showing Victoria alive and having fun:

KTLA reports:

Kelley “held her hand over” Victoria’s mouth as Gonzales “committed the sexual act” while Martens watched, the complaint said. According to the document, “Michelle stated she watched this … happen for sexual gratification.”

That information comes from the criminal complaint, embedded below.

Jessica Runions

Kyle Yust in custody, grandfather won’t bail him out; Next hearing on Sept. 29

Yust has a history of physical assault and death threats, as exemplified by the 2011 incident described in the police report below:


The name of this segment may change, and I’m open to suggestions, but it’s going to be either a concept from criminal law, a resource used by attorneys or investigators, or something similar.

Felony murder rule

Anyone involved in committing a crime may be charged for any unlawful homicide committed during the course of that crime; if a bank robber kills an employee the getaway driver can be charged with the murder too.

Cold Case

Christopher Allen Zahl

The Mystery Writers of America NY Chapter newsletter issue found by Defrosting Cold Cases and mentioned in this episode is embedded below. The section in question is located on page 6:


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